the “we are” project

We Are Project 1I can’t believe how quickly another school year has come to an end. This post is bittersweet for me. It will be my last “Kindergarten” post. I’ve said it many times, but the only constant is change and that certainly has been true of my career. I’m very sad to be leaving Kindergarten.  It’s not the end of the blog though! I’m looking forward to bringing my Year 2 students with me to Grade 1. Thank you to all of you for visiting the blog and I hope you continue to drop in and join us on our Grade 1 journey.

A couple of weeks ago, our school had a talent show. When we asked the children about their talents, it didn’t take long for them to generate a list of all of the things they could do. The “We Are” project is a retrospect of all of the things the children see themselves as.

We Are Project

It wasn’t difficult to find evidence of young artists, writers, scientists, teams and friendship.  We wrapped some boxes and displayed their representations on a portable art display which was displayed in the school foyer.

We Are 2The children enjoyed looking at their representations and talking about all of the wonderful things they can do – and so did we!

Thank you to the parents and all of our friends who work in the Early Years. For those of you who are off for the summer, enjoy your time with family and friends. I hope you continue to visit us on our Reggio-inspired journey through Grade 1!

Get ready Grade 1….here we come!

Happy summer!