constructing a water wall on a hot day

constructing water wallA few days ago we laid out a new provocation for the children. Tubing, funnels zip ties, and bins. We brought them outside and placed them by the fence. And then the magic happened. A small group of children came over and began to look at the materials. Initially, they asked what they should do with them. “What do you think?” I asked.

“This is like what we have at the water table. We should put water in it.”

“We can put it on the fence.”

The zip ties were a little tricky, so I helped them with those as they designed their water wall. The children decided where they wanted to place the tubing. They brought the tubing up and placed it in another funnel. I didn’t know if this would work, but had to remind myself that I needed to take a step back and observe.

testing water wall

“We need water,” they said, and water we went to fetch. It was wonderful to see them test their hypothesis. They filled, and filled, and filled until they proved their theory that the water would in fact go down, up and through all of the tubing.

testing water wall 2

It didn’t take long before a large group of children came over to join in the fun.

Water wall 3Pretty cool!

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