hello worms!

worm deliveryThe day arrived when Mrs. Bondett showed up with our very special delivery! Thanks to Cathy’s Crawly Composters for getting them to us safely. The children were very excited to get the worms unpacked. I have to admit, teaching Kindergarten has taken me out of my comfort zone in so many ways – including touching worms (which wasn’t that bad, all things considered). As the worms were unpacked, the children wondered where they were because all they could see was a small mound of soil. We brushed it aside to expose the worms and the excitement began.

wormsThe children were very careful handling the worms. They began to talk about the importance of being quiet, otherwise the worms would go “down, down.” They used words like adding food scrapstickle, squishy, and slimy. It’s interesting to listen to their conversations because they reveal a lot about what the children know or believe to be true. Some know that worms come out (to take a bath) when it rains, and that they can’t bite because they don’t have teeth. After observing the worms, we added them to the composter so they could get used to their new home. We’ve begun to add food and to refer back to our “yes/no” chart when deciding what can and cannot go into the composter. I’m anticipating that the next rainfall may extend and this inquiry. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime we continue to observe how our Red Wigglers keep busy everyday.

2 thoughts on “hello worms!

    • I love how you set up different habitats to see which ones the worms would gravitate towards. My students are very keen to pick them up to take a closer look. We take a few of them out of the bin daily for them to observe. A few of the children have tried to feed them to see if they would eat outside of the compost bin. We’re expecting rain this week, so I’m hoping it will be warm enough for worms to emerge. Thanks for sharing your link!

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