a home for worms – part two

deciding what worms eatWith the composter ready to go, we needed to learn what worms eat. The children investigated pictures of different types of food and a small group decided we should sort them into what worms can and cannot eat. They decided to make a “YES” and a “NO” pile. It took them some time to decide what went where and why. As usual, their conversations were very interesting. It was important to one of the children that we not feed the worms too much because when we eat too much we get what worms eatsick, and if we eat things that aren’t good for us, we get sick. She said that it would be the same for the worms and that we should be careful when feeding them. When we shared their thinking at group time, we agreed on the foods that should go into the composter and arranged our pictures onto a chart as a reference for the children. In order to give the children more ownership and to deepen their understanding, we plan on adding to our “yes/no” chart by taking pictures of the actual food scraps the children may be questioning as we learn what to add to the composter. Now, bring on the worms!

One thought on “a home for worms – part two

  1. It will be very interesting to see how the children interact with the worms; the concern being if they treat them like toys or living creatures. Will be eager to hear more.

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