fixing the tree

arboristsThe day after the children theorized about what happened to the tree limb, we went back outside to find two men in the tree.  Who were they and why were they there?

“I think they are going to cut down that branch because they have a rope and they’re standing on that branch.”

“I think they’re fixing the tree…with the rope.  They’re attaching it to the tree.”

“I think they’re going to cut the tree because the tree was broken over there.”

“I see a blue thing.  I think it’s a bag.  I don’t know why they bring up the bag.  Maybe the bag has their tools.”  

They had something interesting on the back of their truck. We wondered what it was.  One of the children thought, “I think that machine is going to break these branches into little pieces, and they’re going to fall right into that trap door.”  We waited and waited.  We were very excited to see it in action!


We brought in a branch and a cross-cut of the wood.  Mrs. Dua and Ms. Wilson’s class discovered that this was called a “cookie” and that the men in the tree were arborists.

The children represented some of their observations through drawings and writing.

wrting about tree

They had more observations, questions, and theories:

“Why is there green stuff and yellow stuff and why is it dirty?” drawing tree stump

“It looks like an oval. One side is pulled and the other side is not pulled, because if you turn it upside down it looks like a raindrop or a tear.”

“One side has dots. And if you flip it over, the other side has dots.”

“When you turn it upside down it looks like an almond.”

We took a closer look at the tree limb. The children were very interested in the red and yellow and green “seeds” and “flowers” that we’re on the tips of the branches.  They picked some off so they could take a closer look using the magnifying glasses.  We wondered what was inside.

“Red flowers.” branch

“Tiny little beads.”

“They’re baby seeds.  They’re going to grow up big.”

We cut a few of them open and took a closer look.

As the children continue to investigate the tree limb, I’ll post more of their observations.

2 thoughts on “fixing the tree

  1. Most others simply walked right by while our youngest learners had such curiosity and interest; why aren’t our Grade 5’s asking and wondering?

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