the squirrel did it

fallen tree limb 1The weather this month has been interesting to say the least.  We’ve gone from snow, to rain, to double-digit temperature, to way below zero, to high winds all in a matter of four days.  When I arrived at school yesterday, there was a little…well, a BIG surprise waiting in the Kindergarten play area. A huge limb had snapped off a nearby tree and was lying across part of our playground. My first thought was, “I’ve got to get the children outside to look at this before its gone.”  My next thought was, “Gone? It’s not going anywhere!”  I knew there was no way our principal was going to immediately remove the gift of this provocation. So, when we greeted each other in the morning, I wasn’t surprised to hear her say, “Did you see the inquiry outside?!”

We brought the children out first thing in the morning, snapped some pictures and recorded some of their ideas. During our learning centres time, I printed a few pictures so the children could take a closer look.

tree limb collage

They immediately began to share their theories:

“I think somebody cut it.”

“Maybe the storm came, and the wind came, and the tree fall down.”

“Somebody went to school in the night-time and sneaked up on us and put an “x” on it.  Then they cut it down, and then the wind blowed it down so, so fast.  It was so strong and blowed it down.”

“I think the wind was so hard and all of the snowflakes and the wind fall down the tree branch.”

And my personal favourite:

“I think the squirrel cut the branch.  He saw the knife on the ground, then he picked it up, then he cut it.”  cut tree limb

During outdoor play, we went to take a closer look.  By that time, the limb had been cut up.  A few children compared a cut log that we had in the classroom to the tree limb, but they still were not sure if it was cut down or if it fell.  A few more interesting things happened today which I’ll post soon!

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