co-constructing the fire station

fire engineThe children have been visiting the dramatic play area less frequently, so it was clear that we needed a change. They had an interesting brainstorming session where they shared their ideas and possibilities:  a rocketship, a dinosaur cave, a library, a police station and a fire station.  With the help of our DECE, Mrs. Kassam, they created a graph to decide what the play area would become. The results were clear – a fire station. More brainstorming helped them to determine the things they would need for the fire station and they began to make a plan. Using a couple of cardboard boxes, the construction began.

fire station planningdramatic play graph

The process of constructing the fire station, provided another opportunity to develop literacy skills in an authentic way.  So, it was off to the library to collect a series of books to inspire the children. They looked through them and found details they thought were important to add to the fire engine.

firestation collage 1

Once the fire engine was complete, I printed up a few of the pictures to encourage the children to do some writing.  They were eager to record their thoughts as they became involved in documenting the process.

student writing

Some children also expressed an interest in drawing the fire engine. This gave us an opportunity to revisit our investigation of lines and shapes. As they reviewed the lines and shapes they saw on the toy truck, the children slowly became aware of other details as they drew.  One student chose an interesting perspective and drew the front of the fire engine, while others drew it from a side view.

fire engine collage

fire engine drawing 2fire engine drawingThe fire station is always busy, and the children have been putting out fires on a daily basis.

3 thoughts on “co-constructing the fire station

  1. This is an amazing exploration and example that I’d love to share with our Early Learning Team in an upcoming PD amongst full day Kindergarten teachers in Calgary. Would it be okay with you if we make reference to your story above?

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