you made us into toys!

photo blocksIt’s been a while since my last post, so let me start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! This first post for 2013 is inspired by the children’s block play. I noticed they weren’t playing with the blocks as much as they had been, so we decided it was time to add a few things. First off, we added cardboard tubes, cones, string, and cardboard packing material. This engaged the children and got them thinking about different ways to make a structure.  I had been wondering if they would become more engaged in the block play if they themselves were part of the materials. I had seen this idea a few places and before the holidays, I took a picture of each of the children.  This week, I taped their image to a wooden block and introduced them to the children the other day.  Everyone became very excited and they all wanted to find themselves.  Their reactions were priceless:

“You made us into toys!”

“We’re a toy!  We’re just a toy!”

“I can’t move my arms.”

I couldn’t get “you made us into toys” out of my head…a new project perhaps?  A few of the children have also been interested in using the peg puzzle pieces as spinners so we talked about what they could use to make their own.  I think a toy project may be on the horizon.

2 thoughts on “you made us into toys!

  1. I love the idea of “you made us into toys” as a project! I could see setting out a provocation of photos and recycled materials or photos and pieces of wood or something like that and seeing what they might make themselves…

    • Great idea Lise. I was also thinking about getting their thoughts on their favourite toys and having them bring them in to see what makes them so popular. I always love to get their perspectives. Hopefully, I’ll have more to post soon!

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