shapes and lines all around

photo-8We have been exploring lines and shapes.  We decided to go on a shape hunt around the school to see if we could find any interesting lines and shapes in our environment. The children were very observant and noticed lines and shapes everywhere.  They were so observant in fact, that it took us quite a while to walk the short distance from our school play area to the sidewalk!  We found many different shapes and lines.  These are just a few that the children decided we should document.  photo-9

We have also been talking about ways in which artists use lines and shapes in interesting ways.  The following day, we looked at a few of Kandinsky’s paintings and the children shared some interesting thoughts.

Several Circles -1926

“It’s about planets and circles.”  kandinsky-circles-1926-granger

“Two bigger circles and small ones inside.”

“Big, tiny and medium that they painted.”

“The big one looks like earth.”

“He made lots of circles and made shapes like circles.”

Composition VIII – 1923

kandinsky.comp-8“He made flags.  They are all tangled up with sticks.”

“I see some shapes — triangles — lines that are straight — circles and squares.”

“Yesterday we saw these shapes.  Triangles and round ones and rectangles.  We saw those on our shape hunt.”

“I see half circles.”

“I see a ribbon.”

“It looks like arrows attacking the bow.”

Squares with Concentric Circles – 1913  04-0192_l

“I see all shapes, big and small.”

“I see squares.”

“They look like rangolis.”

Kandinsky’s artwork along with what the children noticed on our line and shape hunt inspired some beautiful artwork.  Some children represented shapes and lines on transparencies which we hung in our window.  Others printed shapes using different objects.  Some painted their concentric shapes which we hung from a branch to make our own Kandinsky tree.  Others created larger paintings.




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