inspired by paper towel tubes

I love watching what children create with recyclable materials.  Recently, they became inspired by paper towel tubes.  A few children decided they wanted to make microphones.  And then it began.  Their microphones prompted them to create a stage in the block area.  They immediately began singing to each other and an audience soon formed.  During our sharing circle the children became very excited and asked when we could change our dramatic play area. We thought this would be as good a time as any, so the children brainstormed what they would need for their stage.  Their excitement with the microphones and stage prompted us to pose a question.  During our group meeting we asked, What is music?  The majority of their ideas included instruments.  We the put instruments out for the children to explore.  Not surprisingly, the room got louder and louDER and LOUDER.

As they explored the instruments we asked only one question. How do instruments make music?  The children became more aware of what they needed to do in order for the instruments to generate their own unique sounds.

So far, they discovered that they had to: shake, bang, zig zag, rub, tap and click in order to make music. I think we have a new inquiry in the works along with a co-constructed centre.  What could be better?

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