the best part of me…and you

Each month, we focus on a new character trait.  In September, we talked about what it means to be responsible.  Last year, I had a HERO board which captured students demonstrating a particular character trait. This year, I continue to capture images of the students as they go along their daily routines.  This month, we’ve been talking about the meaning of respect.  Self-respect is just as important as showing respect for others.  I read parts of Wendy Ewald’s, The Best Part of Me.  We discussed the pictures and I explained that the book was written by children. I asked them to think about how we could share the best parts of ourselves.  One of the children suggested we make our own book.  Each child shared what they liked best about themselves and decided how they wanted to pose for their picture.  Here are some of their responses:

I like my hands because when I lay on my bed, I put my hands here on my side.

I like my hands because they help me tidy up.

I like my legs because they make me walk and they make me proud.

I like my eyes because I can see all things.

I wondered what they liked best about each other and if choosing “the best part” of a friend would contribute to their understanding of respect.  It was interesting to hand the camera over to the children.  Some posed, some used an interesting angle, some chose the same “best part” as their friend.

I like “A’s” hair because she has braids.

I like “T’s” legs because she can run fast.

I like “N’s” mouth.  He eats with his mouth.

I like “K’s” feet because he can run fast.

I like “H’s” hair.  This (wavy) part.  And she wears a braid everyday.

It’s always interesting to see what happens when they take ownership of their learning.

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