art-inspired word wall

Over the summer, I attended the Powerful Play sessions at Havergal College. It was very inspiring to share ideas with other educators and have the opportunity to learn from the teachers at Havergal. Thanks to them for this art-inspired word wall idea!  We had the children experiment with paint and colour. Other than teaching the technique of dipping the brush in the water before choosing a colour and rinsing it before choosing another, the children had carte blanche (literally) in how they wanted to fill the space. We used watercolour paper which really brought out the intensity of the tempera pucks. Once the pieces dried, the alphabet was added along with each of our names (names and faces have been removed to respect the children’s privacy.)  The children visit the wall often and are learning each others’ names.  As we learn new words we’ll add them to the wall throughout the school year.

6 thoughts on “art-inspired word wall

    • I loved this idea when I saw it. The kids love this wall and right now, they’re pretty engaged in reading each others’ names.

    • Thanks Joanne! I’m really enjoying all of the inspiring things you are doing with your students.

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