The baby snails are here!  The eggs hatched last week.  At first we weren’t sure because the snails were the same size as the eggs, but not quite as white.  Within a few days they were a little bigger and we found them clinging to the top of their bottle habitat.  We scooped them out and took a closer look.  I asked the children what they noticed about the baby snails.  Here are a few of their observations and questions:

They’re really tiny and mom and dad are really big.

The baby snails eyes are really small.

They’re sleeping.

When will they grow up?

The small snail is eating.

When they grow are they going to look for another shell?

Yes, because if they get bigger, they’ll find a new shell.

When they want to hide they’ll find a bigger shell.

The snails have to (find another shell) because sometimes they get cracked.

We talked about our observations and what we should do with the snails.  The children remembered where we released the snail a few weeks ago, and decided we should do the same with the babies.  So, we said good-bye and returned them to nature…and they all lived happily ever after.

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