greening our play area

The children love playing in the field. Their natural curiosity for nature allows them to explore and engage in their own inquiries. I asked the children what they liked about playing in the field.  “It’s cozy!  We can watch critters.  We can look at plants.”  I asked the children what our play area needed.  I love their responses:  “We can buy a big carpet that has some grass on it.  Maybe we can take a bucket and put some grass in it, and it would be so cozy.  We can plant some seeds.”  Well, planting we did!  After creating a list of some things we might need, we sent a letter home to our wonderful parents who did not disappoint.  Their generous donations of plants and soil allowed us to begin to green our play space.  We also collected some old tires.  The tires alone provided loads of fun and excitement!  The children enjoyed rolling them, stacking them, and jumping around them.  The children helped plan where to put the tires, where to plant the flowers and where to plant the fruits, vegetables and herbs.  We got so many donations that we planted along two fences and also in the middle of the play area.  Thank-you parents for helping us with this project!  We’ve done most of the planting and are hoping to get more soil.  The children check the flowers everyday and are learning to care for their garden.

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