surprise eggs

Create a habitat for two snails and what do you get?  Eggs.  We noticed a white cluster at the bottom of the snail habitat.  When we took a closer look, I asked the children what they thought they were.  They had some pretty interesting thoughts:  Maybe babies in the ground.  Maybe they’re seeds.  Maybe they’re eating something and then the seeds come out and little kids come out of the shell.  Maybe they’re baby snails.  One of the children was pretty convinced — They’re the snails eggs because me and “Z” discovered them in the snail book.  Wanting to honour the inquiry (but wanting to prevent an infestation) we discussed what would happen if our entire family including aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, all came to live with us.  The children mentioned not having enough food, and being “too squishy.”  So, the children suggested we a) find a bigger container or  b) to put the eggs in a separate container.  We opted for the latter….and now we wait.

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