a slimy pet

A few mornings ago, I was walking my dog.  It was mild and foggy.  As the weather would have it, a couple of slimy critters slid their way across the sidewalk crossing our path.  I thought the fog would provide an interesting setting for some new discoveries, but had a feeling the fog wouldn’t stick around very long.  I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a possible new inquiry.  I fed the dog, found a container and went back out to collect my newfound friends.  When the children arrived at school, I introduced them to our visitors.  We begin our day outside, so the children looked for things they thought the snails might need for their “home.”  When we went inside, we discussed whether we found the right things for the snails’ habitat.  One student suggested we use the Internet to find out.  This provided an opportunity for some shared writing on the computer.  We made our initial list:  a container, stones, soil, leaves, and water.  We also added a small pot for the snails to use as a hiding place.  More learning and discoveries to follow…

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