our inquiry continues…

A few weeks ago, I posted the beginning of an inquiry which was inspired by pussy willows.  I’m happy to say, that the mystery of “the white pointy things” (i.e. roots) has been solved!  While we were engaged in some shared reading on the document camera, the children began to make connections to their observations of the pussy willows.  We were reading about the parts of a plant. The moment of truth came when we got to the page about the roots. “Roots! They’re roots!” a few of the children called out.  I removed a branch from the vase and put it next to the book so that we could compare.                         In addition to the pussy willows, I also added potted tulips to our discovery table. The children are beginning to make the connection between the pollen on the catkins and the pollen on the stamens in the tulip. A few pictures were also added to the easel to inspire some observational painting.

The children observed the changes occurring in life cycle of the tulips.  This was a good time to look beneath the soil.  Our latest mystery….what is this?

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