an emerging inquiry

Even though winter was pretty much non-existent, we are happy to celebrate the arrival of spring.  I put some “mystery branches” out for the children to investigate.  On the first day of their investigation, I recorded vocabulary based on the children’s observations and descriptions:  soft, fluffy, bud, dots, white.  The children also had a lot of “wonderings” about the branches:  I wonder why the white things look like flowers?  I wonder if they come out of flowers?  What are the black dots?  Why did you put the branches in a glass?                      Through our read-alouds, we discovered that the branches were pussy willows.  After a week we noticed that the branches were beginning to grow “white pointy things.”  I put out some books to see if the children could use pictures from the book and make the connection between these white pointy things and “roots.”  We are still working on that, but they noticed something very exciting the other day.  Some of the catkins (more new vocabulary) were beginning to turn yellow.  The excitement around this was contagious.  The books came in handy as a couple of the students read a page together and eagerly declared, “Hey guys! The yellow stuff is pollen!”  Stay tuned for more on this inquiry as it develops….

2 thoughts on “an emerging inquiry

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