from a centrepiece to a community piece

A few weeks ago I attended a very inspiring Reggio conference. The centrepieces at the tables consisted of a vase of rocks filled with water nestled inside another vase. The vases were placed on a mirror which was in turn placed on a piece of paper. On the mirror were rocks upon which we were invited to write and/or place in the water whenever we felt the desire to do so over the duration of the conference.  Aside from being an engaging way to interact with the artwork, I initially thought this was a beautiful way to have the children explore the displacement of water and I wanted to recreate it for the children to investigate.  We were later told that the “paper” underneath the centerpiece did not come from trees.  It was made from limestone.  No trees!  The paper was a rock!  If I recall correctly, no water is used in the processing either.  Now I was REALLY intrigued with this paper and the complexity of this piece.  At the end of the conference, I was lucky enough to win the centrepiece!  I knew I had to engage the children not only with the rocks, but with the paper as well.  The children explored the rocks for a few days.  They sorted.  They created rock collages.  They used words to describe the rocks.  Then they drew as many rocks as they liked on this special paper.  I drew some and my colleagues who attended the conference drew some as well.  We used watercolour pencils and co-created this piece.  We now have a beautiful community work of art to display in our classroom.  The children were very excited to see it framed.  For me, it’s a special piece…one of the stepping-stones on this very special and exciting journey.

5 thoughts on “from a centrepiece to a community piece

    • You might want to try an art supply store for the paper. It’s similar to bristol board but a bit heavier. Going on a rock hunt with the children is always a fun thing to do. They love finding and comparing different types of rocks. If that’s not a possibility and you’d rather buy some, you can try a garden supply store, dollar store or an IKEA if you have one in your area.

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