co-constructing a…classroom?

That’s right.  A classroom.  The time came to change the drama centre, so we took the same approach we used when we created our doctor’s office.  The children brainstormed their ideas on stickies.  We chose the top three, took a survey, collected the data and made a list of things we might need.  So now we are in the process of creating a classroom within a classroom…a little Shakespearean, don’t you think?  I know kids love to play school (I certainly did!) but I thought, why on earth would they want to play school AT school?  They soon showed me.  The excitement that a few children generated was contagious.  In the span of the day’s play they estimated, measured, problem-solved, arranged furniture, read, wrote, argued, negotiated and created.The children wanted a bulletin board, so I put up some paper and gave them some borders and a stapler.  They quickly started measuring, selecting and cutting the pieces they needed.  They filled every last space.

They wanted a “Writing Centre” and calendar.

The children also wanted to include a Principal’s Office.  The decided they would use the red table and made a sign:“Principal’s Office.  Knock on the door before you come in the Principal’s office.”

The principal needs to make important announcements, so they also made a P. A. system which they immediately put to use.

It’s great fun to watch them role-play.  When the “teaching” began, I was happy to see one of our before-reading strategies put to use.  I overheard the “teacher” ask, “Does anyone have any predictions about this story?”  As you can see, we are well overdue for a new copy of this well-loved favourite.  

2 thoughts on “co-constructing a…classroom?

  1. yeah. good practice. My daughter told me about this change. When I asked why you decided to change the doctor office to a school, she told me because most people wanted that. The kids also learned the decision making process

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