“tape” measures

“My hand is shorter than my foot…  “The stapler is longer than the crayon…I’m taller than the table…” are just a few of the discoveries overheard as some of the children compared items while on a “measuring hunt.”  They initially pulled an object out of a bag (a stapler, a toothbrush, a crayon, etc.) and used it to find things that were longer or shorter than the item they chose.  To help children understand that we measure using a repetition of the same unit, I remembered these great little tape measures.  Last spring I saw Dr. Jean at a Kindergarten conference.  She used bean counter measuring tapes.  I thought it would be easy enough to make a variety of them using different items so that the children could explore measuring and comparing.  Every tape measure has 10 units.  Paperclips, foam shapes, beans, stickers….anything that fits between two pieces of packing tape will do.  As children begin to understand the concept, they may want to come up with their own ideas and make their own.  These fun tape measures provide opportunities to develop math vocabulary, measure, compare, sort and record.

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