for the birds

Lately, some children have been showing an interest in birds.  In the fall, we talked about how animals prepare for winter.  Squirrels collect nuts, bears hibernate, birds migrate, but “Where do birds find seeds in the winter?” is a question that came up recently.  They looked through books about birds to see what they could find.  Many books depicted bird feeders and some children were eager to build their own feeding stations for our feathered friends.  We also used the Internet to find images.  A few children decided to draw their ideas for a feeder.  We searched our recyclables and found boxes, cartons and plastic bottles.  The most popular by far was the carton because “It looks like a house!”  For a bit of variety, I was hoping they would choose to use some bottles, but hey, it’s not about me.  If a carton’s a house, then a carton’s a house!Cutting the carton was difficult for some.  I’m not a fan of “doing” for the kids, so while I encouraged them to try I didn’t want them to become frustrated if cutting the carton was just too difficult for them.

One of our young designers decided that the bird house needed curtains!  So cute!

Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Dinner’s ready!  Come and get it!

3 thoughts on “for the birds

  1. Serge Pascucci, you rock my world! I love reading your words, as your passion for play based learning comes through in every key stroke! I miss seeing you every day when we were across the hall from each other! I know you are the best thing that has happened to your school and to your students! Good luck with the rest of the year!

    • Ah, shucks Pam! I’m blushing…is there an emoticon for that? I miss you too! All the best to you and your great work as well! Serge

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