playing with the SMART Board

I was introduced to the SMART Board at a math conference about 5 years ago.  Not knowing what it was all about, I sat in on a  SMART Board session.  I had never seen an interactive white board used (other than by a meteorologist) and the iPod Touch and the iPad had not yet been released.  Can you believe that?!  Five years ago, there was no iPad!  Anyway, when I saw the potential of the SMART Board, my heart began to flutter.  It was new and “magical” and I knew it could have a huge impact on teaching and learning.  I was ending my term as an Instructional Resource Teacher and was excited about heading back to the classroom.  I HAD to have one.  To make a long story short, I was lucky enough to get one in my last school.  We recently purchased one at my present school and my Kinders are the lucky recipients!  They are just learning to use it.  We are “signing in” by finding our “snowflake names” and dragging them to the ground.  (The names are blurred out to protect the innocent, but you get the picture.)  So far, the children have extended patterns, practised writing numbers and have done some sorting.  The possibilities for using the SMART Board are as limited as your imagination.

While a few of the children take turns writing on the SMART Board, the others are writing on little whiteboards with their “special” whiteboard markers.  I found great little framed whiteboards at the dollar store.  They keep everyone engaged during a short group lesson.

This is our “popcorn word” game for high-frequency words.  One child stands at the SMART Board with her back facing the children.  Another child picks a popcorn word but only shows it to the rest of the class.  We read it out loud and the child at the SMART Board finds the word and drags it to the popcorn tub.  I have popcorn words and tubs available for the children to play with as well.  Thank goodness for the dollar store!  You can find individual and bowl-sized popcorn tubs there.  Lots of fun!

5 thoughts on “playing with the SMART Board

  1. I also use the smartboard and I am always looking for new sites for the smartboard. Just wondering where you got the popcorn activity from? Thanks Cathy

    • I made it myself. I typed the words we were working on, found some popcorn clip art and grouped the objects.

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