puppet stories

The children in my colleague’s class created a puppet theatre which led Melissa to do some story writing with them.  She had them choose two puppets and they wrote a story featuring the two characters.  I had some finger puppets I’ve been wanting to use and this was a great way to introduce them.  We pulled two of the puppets out of a bag and wrote a story together.  I encouraged the children to use the puppets to write their own stories with a beginning, a middle and an end.  One of the things I love about this age group is their imagination.  Regardless of the puppets they chose, most of these young authors were able to construct a story around them.  After the thrill of the surprise of pulling the finger puppets out of the bag, a couple of the children wanted to trade or change their puppets…why not?  One conversation I overheard made perfect sense:  “I have a shark and a horse, and you have a grandma and a diver.  You take the horse and I’ll take the diver.” — Makes perfect sense to me! 

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