what’s in the box?

Children LOVE guessing games, and who doesn’t love a gift?  Combine the two and you have a winning combination to inspire some writing.  The books in our reading area were getting a little congested in our small bookcase.  An old bookcase found a new home in our classroom and was definitely a welcomed addition to our classroom library.  I’ve been holding onto some new books that I wanted to include in our collection and this provided the perfect opportunity.  I put the new books in a box, wrapped the box in some white paper and the guesses began…posters, more paper, instruments, a picture, a car, a shovel, a bear, and an apple were just some of the guesses.  The children were happy to receive their new books and I was happy to watch them record their guesses.  A little mystery goes a long way!

5 thoughts on “what’s in the box?

    • I’d love to know how it goes. The sense of mystery engages them everytime! I have a couple of non-speakers and this gives them a chance to take a guess as well.

  1. Hi there,

    I love this idea, and I am loving your blog, too! These children clearly have a wonderful place to play and explore. I’m going to try this with my students but differentiate so they can draw a picture of what they think it is.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


    • Thanks Allie! I just popped on over to your blog…Love it! Hope you post it if your children give it a go.

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