construction continues…

The children have been busy adding some things to the doctor’s office.  Too many doctors and no patients posed a bit of a problem, so we talked about the different jobs people did at the doctor’s office.  We decided there needed to be a receptionist to greet patients and to make appointments.  I put out an old keyboard which prompted the request for a computer.  I asked the children what they could use to make one.  They chose a box which I wrapped for them.  They cut and pasted a screen, and there you have it – a computer monitor!  One of the children made a sign.  (I love the “before” and “after.”)

They began making appointments for each other.

In addition to the reception area, the patients needed somewhere to wait, so with two chairs and a sign, the waiting room was born. The children also decided they needed an x-ray machine.  Thank goodness for boxes!

One of the  children wanted to see a picture of an x-ray and to make a sign.  I asked him if he knew what letter we needed for “x-ray”  He knew it was “x” so I asked if he thought any of the books in our classroom library might help us.  He immediately went to the “x” book and found a picture which he then used to help him make a sign.  

A little string, clothespins, black construction paper and white crayons, and we now have an x-ray lab!  

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