co-constructing the “doctor’s office”

The time has come to change the drama centre.  It’s been the “house centre” up until now, but the children are not visiting as often as they used to, so I asked them what they thought we should turn it into.  They shared their ideas with a partner, then wrote, drew and scribbled what they thought it should become.  There were some pretty good ideas:  an ice-cream shop, an office building, an airport…  Most children, however, wanted a doctor’s office (many of us have been sick these last few weeks, so I can’t say I was surprised), so a doctor’s office it will be!

The children had a pretty good idea of some of the things we needed.  This was a great time to model how to write a list, so after another brainstorming session, I “passed the pen” and asked for their help.  In order to hear letter sounds, we practised s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the word each child wanted to write.  Some of the things they decided we need are:  needles, a stethoscope, a bed, and a uniform to name a few.  During activities a couple of children continued making their own lists.

As we started re-arranging things at the drama centre, one of the children stood with her back to the wall and her hand over her head and said, “We need a size-checker.”

Our first growth chart is now under construction.  Some other children also wanted to create one.  I’m looking forward to comparing them so we can discuss different ways to measure.  For now, it provided an opportunity to write numbers.  They also knew that the numbers needed to start at the bottom.

As the children were busy arranging their new doctor’s office, one of them asked, “Do you need to be a boy or a girl to be a doctor?”  We went over to the chart stand and I wrote it down for her, so that we could share it with the rest of the class.  All of this happened at the end of the day…I wish we had more time!  We took a very quick survey before the children went home.

I think a prescription for gender bias is exactly what the “doctors” ordered…

7 thoughts on “co-constructing the “doctor’s office”

  1. I love your website as well as your class. I always asked my kid, ” what did you learn today at school?” she always answered, ” nothing.” From here, I know your class is so much fun. Thank you, teacher.

    • Visiting the blog with your child is a great way to spark some disussion about the things she is doing at school. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

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