little scientists

We had a field trip come to us!  “Katie Kaboom” (I love that name!) from Mad Science engaged the children in a number of scientific explorations.  The children began their day as palaeontologists.  They looked at the differences between the teeth of carnivores and herbivores.  They dug up dinosaur “bones” and after taking a closer look at the teeth, the children made their own dinosaur tooth fossil.

After the dinosaur adventure, the children experimented with a little colour mixing.  Katie talked about the colours of the rainbow and how light bounces off each of the colours.  This led to another exploration where the children got to mix colours in a bag of “goop.”  They absolutely LOVED it!

Our little chemists then investigated how changes occur in matter and materials.  The reaction between baking soda and vinegar is always great fun regardless of how old the students are.  I know I never get tired of watching a flask bubble over and the children were no different!  They got to take a closer look at the changes in matter as they made their own play dough.  It was a busy, busy day!

2 thoughts on “little scientists

  1. Thank you for posting this! The whole “Mad Science” event is now demystified. I was curious as to what actually happened during the event. I know it involved dinosaurs, because my son came back with some bone that he said was a dinosaur’s bone. I just couldn’t figure out what was the purpose of the red goop! Katie Kaboom sounds like a cool scientist!! I’d love it if she can be invited more often.

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