bringing the outside in

Creating structures from natural materials presents the children with new and different challenges.  They allow children to stretch their imagination and problem-solve.  I added river rocks, twigs and woven spheres to the structures centre to spark some creativity and (hopefully) inspire some writing.  Some of the children immediately got busy arranging the materials.  Artists created pictures, mathematicians arranged stones to cover some surface area and architects decided they needed some string to tie branches together.  When the children are engaged in play they are always very excited to share their masterpieces.  “Would you like to make a picture (or poster, or diagram) of what you’ve made?” is usually all it takes to inspire a bit of writing.  An enthusiastic nod is always a bonus!  Have I mentioned how much scribbles excite me?  The fact that some JKs are scribbling their messages makes my heart sing!  It shows they are becoming more confident as writers.

I think we might be ready to explore a little area.  What a great opportunity to estimate, count, predict and compare how many stones it would take to cover different sized blocks.

“I saw some stones that I didn’t see before.”

This future architect was busy problem-solving and was quite engaged with a little string a few branches.

One thought on “bringing the outside in

  1. I like the necklace although it might be a face. And the sentence kid was trying to write down is such a good practice.
    One thing interesting I found is that the kids like to learn the handwritting of their teacher. I saw that from my kid too. Her handwritting is changing to similar to her teacher.

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