a little tempera, a little water, and a straw

What’s art without a little mess?  Paint is always readily available for the children.  Random lines, colour blocking, shapes and figures usually emerge from their paintings.  I often demonstrate how to use new materials and I think there is a place for teaching new techniques as well.  The children did a colour wash using tempera pucks.  They painted a background of colour as a first step in this mini “project.”  I called it a “project” to get the children to think about revisiting their piece.  Of course, they thought that the colour wash WAS the picture.  Yes, they were beautiful on their own, but this was a painting that would be done in two steps.  Once the paint dried, we added long “puddles.”  A straw and some deep breaths later, and voilà!  A beautiful landscape of trees!  The creative process is what I want to encourage at this stage, but I have to admit the finished products were impressive.  The children made this quite clear when they came in this morning.  Many of them went over to the bulletin board and admired their paintings.  “Wow!” is what I heard over and over again.  It’s so rewarding to see these little artists develop appreciation for their own and each others’ artwork.

One thought on “a little tempera, a little water, and a straw

  1. Just like your students, I also said “Wow!” when I saw their work on the bulletin board. They look like art pieces that can be displayed at an art gallery. The children were engaged, had the opportunity to explore the creative process and most importantly felt proud of their work! Another masterpiece…


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