sorting this and that

The children have been sorting some of the math manipulatives we have in the classroom (teddy bear counters, shapes, etc. )  I thought it might be fun to bring in some everyday items that the children may come across in their own homes. As they were at play, I sat at the carpet with these items in front of me. It’s amazing how just sitting there with a few items sparks their curiosity.  Within seconds, a few children came over and asked if they could play with me. I asked them if they had any ideas about what we could do with these items.  They immediately said, “Let’s make groups!” Oh be still my beating heart!  They had some good discussion about some different ways they could sort the items (by colour, metal, long, short, straight, round).  I had some plastic bleach containers (non-chlorine for the environment of course!) which I washed out and cut to make sorting trays.  (The top end of the container made a great funnel for the sand table as well!)

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