discovering the signs of autumn

Today I read the children Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert.  We started talking about the changes that happen in autumn.  Some children are experiencing our Canadian seasons for the very first time.  I asked the children, “What do you know about autumn?”  They’re always happy to share their ideas, so having them share with a buddy gives them all a voice.  I then asked them to draw or write one thing they knew about autumn and had them share their thinking with the group.

We’ve been so lucky to have summer-like weather.  It hardly feels like fall!  We decided to go on a “discovery walk” to search for clues that it is indeed fall.  Armed with clipboards and magnifying glasses the children embarked on their mission.

Our “discovery walk” produced some wonderful authentic pieces of writing.  The children shared everything from scribbles, to diagrams, to lists, to early sentences.

The children decided to bring a few things into our classroom to investigate further.  A few insects tagged along…BONUS!
What fun!  I can’t wait to hear the questions they have as they continue to investigate!

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