classroom HEROES

HEROES is our school-wide character education initiative. HEROES are honest, empathetic, responsible, organized, energetic and successful. Of course all of these traits support our overall goal of respect.

This year, I thought instead of having a “Leader of the Day”, I would try a HERO of the day.  I made a cape for the children to wear when it is their day.  We have started talking about the meaning of respect and continue to discuss it through books that we read and songs that we sing.  I always have my camera ready, so when I see someone exhibiting HERO behaviour, I snap a photo.  The photo gets placed on our “Classroom HEROES” bulletin board and also gets placed in a class book.  The kids are loving it!

(Faces have been blurred out for anonymity.)

5 thoughts on “classroom HEROES

    • This seems to be a much more concrete way for the children to relate to and understand the traits of model citizens. Thank you for your comment!

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